Introducing Award-winning Author Tracee Garner!

I am so pleased to host author Tracee Garner on my blog today!


Tracee Lydia Garner is a Virginia native, and a best-selling and award winning. She has written a total of 7 books. In addition to writing and publishing and marketing her 7th book, she maintains a full time job in health and human services for a small nonprofit organization. Her latest release, Deadly Affections is about the pain and sadness of growing up in a trouble foster care system and the murder that occurred when the hero/heroine were both adolescents. When the heroine returns to the area to find out what happened to her little sister, she quickly finds that some people re-emerge to keep secrets and the truth buried and finish the job of killing those that managed to escape. The conclusion of her Family saga, Fatal Opposition will release this fall and wraps up the series about five adopted brothers.


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Psychologist Leedra Henderson has a hidden motive in abandoning everything to accept a new job at the Anchored Empowerment Center. She secretly hopes that the new position will help her to investigate her own past – and to finally uncover the real story behind a string of mysterious deaths at her childhood foster home. Now a strong, independent woman, Leedra doesn’t need help: she wants to seek justice, and she will. Alone.

Dexter Parker needs his own answers about that time in the foster home so long ago. A grown man reeling from the fallout of a broken marriage, Dexter’s rational mind tells him never to try the risks of love again – but he knows he could fill in the blanks for Leedra, if only it doesn’t end up costing him his heart.
More urgently, Dexter needs to save the determined Leedra from the results of her detective work, before it all blows up in her face and costs both of them their lives.

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