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Seeking Fortune

Seeking Fortune is an emotional Regency Inspirational Romance

Losing his wife and daughter to influenza shook James Colchester’s faith in God. As another epidemic threatens, he’s torn between what’s best for his fragile son: fleeing to his Welsh homeland, or staying put. In a moment of weakness, the black-haired, green-eyed Gypsy’s delicate touch on his palm quells his fear…and her beauty ignites a warmth he hasn’t felt in years.

Desperate to return to her people, Valentina goes against every lesson her mother taught her to soothe the Englishman into a false sense of security. But as James’s quiet faith sparks a hunger to know it for herself, she realizes she’s made an unforgivable mistake. One that could rob James of his most precious gift—and destroy their chance for lifelong love.

Seeking Catherine

Seeking Catherine is a short novella (12,000 words) that has garnered many five star reviews.

The story is a sweet romance, but with sensual content.


5 Star Reader Reviews:

What An Amazing Short Story!
By Gail Demaree
Format: Kindle Edition
“This was my first book by Josie Riviera and it won’t be my last. I loved every minute of it! A fast paced story that keeps you reading to find out what will happen next. I loved the banter between Catherine and Stefan. A very enjoyable short story romance. Very well written and a great cast of characters. I love the cover too!”

By Patrice Wilton on October 13, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
“I thoroughly enjoyed the sparkling duel between the two main characters, the Gypsy Stefan, and the sharp tongued Catherine, whose situation was extremely dire. It was cleverly written and I must admit, from the beginning until the end I wondered how these two were ever going to come together, and have their happily-ever-after. It was a very entertaining story.”

By Jutzie on October 13, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
“Catherine Sudfield was raised to be a lady. She fell in love with a handsome man with Romany blood but he left her, never to return. Her wretched uncle sold her to Sir Thomas and her life was now within the walls of a brothel in Bankside.

Stefan Boswell was finally something. He now had wealth and a title. What he was missing was his beloved Catherine. He never expected to find her living in a brothel, but she was. Could their young love from five years ago survive their changed lives?

This is a short novella that takes place in 1544. Where women could be sold as chattel without a say. Neither of our characters realize what has happened to the other after they parted. And as usual it definitely isn’t what they assumed. There is no turning time back and only forgiveness can move them forward. Even though this is a short book it’s still a full story and filled with emotions from desolation to a glimpse of hope.”

By Loves Reading on October 14, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
“I love stories where sweethearts from the past find each other again. This is a sweet novella set in Tudor England. Catherine loved Stefan and thought they had a future together. He left her without explaining why, but at the time he believed his reasons where good. Catherine ended up as the mistress of a cruel brothel owner because Stefan took too many years to make his way back to her. She believed him gone from her life forever until he walked through the door. Can she forgive and trust him again? Is she safe to follow her heart and forget the responsibility to her sister? Wonderful interplay between two strong characters–Catherine who is strong because she has to be and the handsome rogue Stefan who’s suffered his own share of torment. A lovely read, and a delight to watch these two accept they still love each other.”

By Reader Forever on October 25, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
“What a delightful historical romance set in a brothel of all places. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed the characters. The lovely Catherine, daughter of an earl, sold to a brothel by her hateful uncle. She’d lost her naiveté but not her spirit and courage. Stefan, the rakish Gypsy, who managed to succeed in life but never forgot the pretty girl he loved years ago. Now he wants her back. Can Catherine run away from the brothel’s owner who may hurt her little sister? Can she trust Stefan who abandoned her years ago? I fell in love with this author’s writing and only wish this story was longer. I hope the author will give it a sequel. Josie Riviera is on her way to a successful publishing career.”

Seeking Patience


An Inspirational, full-length novel.

Do people prove their worth by strength, or by character?

Half-Romany, half-English lord, he lives a perilous Gypsy life … until a sweet English rose saves his life, and perhaps his soul. Widowed by a cruel husband, she’s given up all hope of love. Brought together in peril, they dare to reach for a brighter future together.

Luca Boldor, Romany leader, lives a nomad’s life in Regency England with his Gypsy caravan. Believing his noble father abandoned him at birth, he refuses to acknowledge his English blood, or live a settled life. But when a vicious attack by a rival leaves him bleeding on an English lady’s doorstep, he has no choice but to accept her help. Her gentle faith stirs his heart in a way he has long denied.

Lady Patience Blakwell, widowed countess, lives in near poverty. Her husband’s heir uses threats to keep her from demanding her rightful inheritance. With a few faithful servants, she exists quietly in the country, only her faith keeping her strong … until the day a bold, handsome Gypsy collapses in her hall. He’s unlike any man she’s ever known, and she’ll confront any subterfuge to keep him safe.

But when a secret from Lady Patience’s past emerges, Luca must face his own past, or lose her and all hope of love. Will this strong man humble himself to open his heart for his lady?

Travel back to Regency England for this sweet, inspirational romance—get your copy of Seeking Patience today!

5 Star Reader Reviews:

By Kindle Customer
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Both have pasts to overcome, he has a mixed heritage tearing him in two different directions. Patience has a deep faith in God that she hopes Luca will learn to come to know and give their love a chance. Not a dull moment in this gripping romance.”

By Jutzie
“Luca Boldor leader of a Roma tribe. Half English, half Romany ends up in a bit of a mess after a run in with Marko, the leader of another tribe. With a hurt leg and beaten to an inch of his life he manages to find escape within the home of one of the English he hates. Only this widowed noblewoman has Luca realizing maybe there are some English with hearts.

Lady Patience Blakwell finds it disturbing that she feels a pull towards the handsome and dark Gypsy. She is troubled feeling anything towards a man who is neither her husband nor God fearing and yet for the first time in many years she feels safe. Her late husband was cruel and her stepson is accusing her of murdering his father so that she cannot collect her share of the money from his estate.

Two worlds collide in Ipswich. Patience who was born to polite society and Luca who was rejected by those very same people and is more comfortable with his Romany nomad side. A unique tale that is more than the difference between rich or poor, titled or untitled. A beautiful story is weaved as Luca is drawn to God through the beauty of the woman who has treated him kindly. There is much betrayal, hatred and struggles of being honor bound to one side or the other. I really enjoyed this book.”

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